Is less testing a good thing?


The figures published by the public health organization Santé publique France (SPF) show that tests have decreased by 12% over the last 15 days in Ile-de-France compared to figures at the beginning of September.This drop in testing comes as Paris and its departments have been declared a “maximum” Covid alert zone.

Nationally, there has been a 20-30% drop in the number of tests performed.

Less testing means the process is more and more focused

Dr Lionel Barrand, President of the young biologists The union (young biologists) thinks that fewer tests in France can be positive because the tests become more targeted.

He told a news source Europe 1: “At the beginning of September, there was a lot of anxiety. In our laboratories, more than 50% of the tests were not recommended [by doctors]. For example, we were testing an entire company when a positive case was detected, even when people had not been in contact and everyone was wearing masks.

“We tested whole nurseries as soon as someone had a runny nose, and all contacts of contacts in schools.”

Dr Barrand believes less common tests will allow more testing for priority cases and faster results, as labs are less overwhelmed.

Latest Covid figures: numbers continue to rise

The latest Covid-19 figures in France were released by the SPF on October 7. They show that in the 24 hours before, there were 10,489 new confirmed cases. There are 84 new groups under study, bringing the total to 1,336.

The positivity rate in France, that is to say the number of tests carried out which come back positive, has increased to 9%.

In hospitals, the general figures are increasing as 4,486 patients with Covid have been admitted in the last seven days.

However, the intensive care workforce has remained stable. There has been an increase of three patients admitted in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 911.

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