“Is LeBron James offended that Anthony Davis called Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan GOATs?”: Skip Bayless mocks Lakers star


Skip Bayless suggests that LeBron James should be offended that Anthony Davis called Kobe and Jordan “GOAT”.

Skip Bayless’s obsession with consistently painting LeBron James in a negative light has reached unprecedented heights since the Los Angeles Lakers entered the bubble. At first glance, it seems like there is no end to this LeBron slander.

Skip firmly believes that Michael Jordan is the GOAT and has stated on several occasions that LeBron James will never claim GOAT status towards him.

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Now, in a ploy to stir up drama using a seemingly harmless quote from Anthony Davis, he tries to snap photos on the 4x champion again.

Skip Bayless feels LeBron James should be surprised at Anthony Davis’ comments.

In an interview with ESPN’s Nick DePaula, Davis was asked how it felt to play in the Kobe 5. It prompted AD to rave about the Kobe 5s.e signature shoe.

Davis exclaimed, “I won a championship in them! It was great to represent Chicago in a Kobe 5 – two GOATs – it was a great moment.

The 2 GOATs Anthony Davis refers to are of course Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. The AD colorway had on the Kobe 5 was the same color scheme as the Chicago Bulls: red, black, and white.

Somehow, Skip Bayless felt the need to include LeBron James in this conversation. Skip suggested to his Twitter followers that LeBron should have a certain way of seeing AD calling Kobe and Jordan “the GOATs.”

Does Skip have a point?

Davis obviously didn’t use the Kobe 5 question to express his opinion on who he thinks is the GOAT. He was just showing respect to Kobe and Jordan’s name by saying they were some of the best at it.

So no, LeBron James shouldn’t be offended by AD’s comment. After all, Jordan was James’ idol and Kobe was one of LeBron’s closest friends.


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