Instagram to launch crackdown on paid social media influencers, says UK watchdog – RT UK News


    Instagram, propriété de Facebook, a accepté de réprimer la publicité cachée sur sa plate-forme par les soi-disant `` influenceurs des médias sociaux '' et promet d'utiliser la technologie pour repérer ceux qui bafouent les règles.

</p><div><p>Les influenceurs peuvent facturer des frais importants pour promouvoir des biens ou des services auprès de leurs milliers, voire des millions d'abonnés sur les plateformes de réseaux sociaux telles qu'Instagram et YouTube, générant souvent des revenus importants dans le processus.

“This will make it much more difficult for people to post an ad on Instagram without labeling it as such,” The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said on Friday.

Influencers will need to make it clear whether they are receiving incentives to promote a product or service. In addition, the platform would deploy technology to detect when influencers do not disclose that a post is an advertisement. However, it remains to be seen how effective these deterrents will be.

“We are also proud to launch a program with MediaSmart to help educate young people about branded content and how to identify it”, Facebook added.

By some estimates, the industry will be worth up to $ 15 billion globally by 2022.

Facebook Ireland, which operates Instagram in Britain, opened an investigation into advertising practices on its platforms in 2018, and some 16 celebrities were sanctioned by the CMA in 2019 for failing to transparently disclose their paid promotional activities on the platform.

Ellie Goulding and models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung are among the most prominent influencers who have agreed to be more transparent when promoting products or services in the future.

Some influencers promote fashion and styling products, as well as teeth whitening and tanning services, restaurants, and beverages, among a myriad of other promotions.

Influencers have even been recruited and paid by the UK government to promote the NHS Test and Trace system. Some seven million people have been reached by social media posts promoting the Covid-19 testing program, which featured former Love Island applicants and other ‘celebrities’.

The industry has grown so much in recent years that influencer unions have started to form, including UK-based The Creator Union, created by fashion blogger Nicole Ocran and influencer expert Kat Molesworth. , and the American Influencer Council in the United States.

Influencers past and present have launched online appeals for their peers to join unions to learn more about their rights during these “Uncertain times.”

Social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all currently involved in some form of high profile scandal involving global politics and election interference or censorship, but the latest rules will impact an emerging industry at some point. where the whole world is facing a financial crisis already drawing parallels with the Great Depression of the 20th century.

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