India is right to support France


In an important foreign policy statement, India expressed its solidarity with France in light of the recent Islamist terrorist attacks in that country: a woman was beheaded and two others killed in a church in Nice within two weeks of the decapitation of a teacher in Paris.

Pakistani Imran Khan, Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Malaysian Mahathir Mohamad have taken a position diametrically opposed to India’s, which is hypocritical as they have little to say about the radical mistreatment of Muslims by China ( or on their own mistreatment of minorities in their country).

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For France, the principle of secularism, a form of secularism from which also derive the rights to offend and to caricature, is officially at the heart of national identity. Thus, freedom of expression courses are part of the national curriculum. But obviously many schools have a big challenge with such lessons, especially when some parents and students receive them as Islamophobia. Finding a way to overcome these challenges will not be an easy task for the nation. But we must start by uniting to condemn violence. Any ambiguity about this adds fuel to the fire.


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