In Miami-Dade County, young Cuban voters offer opening for Trump


“I’ve been here for 17 years,” he says. “We went through the same things. We speak the same language. And we are living the same signs that we have seen in the flesh in our country. So we recognize the things that are happening.

These views are shared by people like Giancarlo Sopo, a Cuban American who rose to prominence in Miami in his twenties for working in Democratic politics. He now works as a campaign spokesperson for Mr. Trump.

“Our families have fled socialism, we are culturally conservative, the president’s policies are popular in our community and we love his hard hand against the left, ”Sopo said in a statement, using the phrase for iron fist. “Democrats have always had far-left voices, but their leaders were once wise enough to keep them at bay. Now they are touting them as the “future” of the party, which is why many of us see ourselves as part of its past.

Guillermo J. Grenier, professor of sociology at Florida International University who conducts a biennial survey of the Cuban-American community in Miami, found for the first time this year that a majority of Cubans arrived between 2010 and 2015, the most most recent to qualify as US Citizenship, register as Republicans. Cuban Americans born in the United States “go the other way,” he said, with 40% Republicans, 35% Democrats and 24% without party affiliation.

“The Republican Party is really well established in Cuban communities, and when new Cubans come in now, they don’t see a muted Republican Party like you did under Obama,” said Dr Grenier.

His poll also showed that Cuban-American attitudes tend to oscillate with the policies of the party that holds the White House: they opposed diplomatic relations under former President George W. Bush, reversed their feelings under Mr. Obama and returned to Bush again. attitudes of the time under Mr. Trump.

“What it shows is that Cubans are adapting,” said Dr Grenier. “Whoever is in Washington, Cubans reflect foreign policy – they don’t create it.”


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