In Azerbaijan, a series of explosions, screams and then blood


Azerbaijan is widely considered to have superior firepower, using a fleet of drones to target Armenian forces with lethal precision and also launching rocket attacks against two of Nagorno-Karabakh’s largest cities.

In Azerbaijan, a series of settlements close to the front line suffered almost daily rocket strikes. The attack on Barda, who is a little further from the front line, seemed like an escalation.

“You see what the Armenians are doing to us,” shouted Kamil Kerimov, 55. “Do you see anyone from the military here?” Why are they doing this? You only see civilians. He added: “They want to create chaos.”

Yagubiya Hamidova, 44, a cardiologist taking refuge in the basement of the clinic, had recently left the frontline town of Terter, believing it would be safer here. “Please help us,” she said. “No one in the world knows what is happening to us.”

Outside at the intersection, a burnt out car was still smoking. Blood was running on the sidewalk and at the door of an office building, in the middle of broken glass. Bomb disposal officers in suits and visors stood over exploded ordnance pieces.


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