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Credit: Impact Wrestling

Eric Young won the Impact World Championship in the September 1 episode of Impact Wrestling. On Saturday night, he defended himself against the man he beat for the gold medal, Eddie Edwards. Edwards entered the contest to treat a leg injury after a vicious attack at the hands of Ken Shamrock last Tuesday on AXS TV.

Young dared Edwards to bring the fight to the opening bell. The challenger obliged.

His face bloodied, his chest chopped raw, Young weathered Edwards’ precocious storm and took control, punishing his nemesis. Edwards took advantage of a momentary flurry with an overhead suplex and a streak of chops, but Young regained control.

Edwards eventually fought back and looked like he was about to dethrone Young when the champion dropped him into the Tree of Woe and stomped on him. He targeted Edwards’ left leg like a shark smelling blood in the water.

He stomped on the member, shoving it into the ring apron and leaving the challenger to scream in agony.

The referee repeatedly implored Edwards to let him call the game, but Die Hard refused, mocking Young, saying, “It’s going to take more than that, EY.

Young looked for a knee brace in the ring but Edwards pushed his way out. A vicious exchange of chops ensued before Young rocked his challenger with a forearm. Edwards responded with an inverted Blue Thunder Bomb, dropping the young face and stomach first.

Young scored a near crash and climbed the ropes. He took a big elbow drop but Edwards managed to get out with two. Edwards fought on a Piledriver attempt and delivered a Pearl River dive for a fall of his own.

Young blocked a Boston Knee Party attempt, his forearms taking the brunt of the move. Fighting on the ropes, Edwards delivered a mean Blue Thunder Bomb from the middle, scoring another two as Young showed his courage and resilience.

Up again, Edwards tried a hurricane but Young countered, throwing him into his lap. Young applied the knee brace, twisting his ankle. Edwards had wisely loosened the shoe, which came off and allowed him to catch Young with another Boston Knee Party. The champion put his foot on the rope to force the break.

Young retrieved and delivered a piledriver. He followed with the knee pad, forcing submission and retaining his title.


Young a vaincu Edwards




What a game!

It was intense, it was physical, it was punchy and it featured spectacular in-ring psychology from two guys very familiar with the main high profile event venues. Young was the ruthless, vile heel that was cerebral in his approach. Edwards, on the other hand, suffered a very real ankle injury to almost win gold.

It was an easy story to follow, executed to perfection by the champion and his challenger.

Young continues to be the shining example of a star who was released from WWE and wasted little time proving her worth to her new suitor. He was extraordinary and it continued that model. He is exactly the heel around which the Impact should build the top of its map.

It was a fantastic exclamation point on a solid show and exactly the kind of game you want to leave your fans behind by encouraging them to buy Bound for Glory on October 24th.


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