I’m afraid my new friend is a stalker


CHER ABBY: Bored with my 40s, I signed up on Classmates.com to look for old friends. Moments later, I received a response from a male classmate. We graduated the same year. I really don’t remember him, even though he said he remembered me.

Jeanne Phillips

Anyway, we started texting and exchanging graduation photos. He still lives in our hometown; I do not. We started talking almost every day.

My problem is that we have so much in common, from family to the same brand of car and insurance company, I started to have a scary feeling. It made me panic to the point that I blocked it.

He’s always been respectful, but for us, having so much in common made my stomach ache. Do you think this is possible? Or is there a chance he’s stalking me?



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