Ice Cube sets the record straight on its plans with Trump


After taking the heat for a few days, rapper Ice Cube spoke to CNN on Friday to set the record straight on why he was working with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Cube spoke primarily to Chris Cuomo about his “contract with black America,” a plan he released earlier this year to tackle racial inequality. Cube said he had never met Trump and trusted neither his campaign nor Joe Biden’s campaign – he is going through the action.

“I didn’t run to go to work with any campaign. Both campaigns contacted me, ”Cube said. “Both campaigns wanted to tell me about the contract with Black America. One campaign said, “We like what you have, but are really digging after the election. And one campaign said, “We like what you have, do you mind telling us about it?” And that’s what I did, so I didn’t run towards anyone. ”

The artist tweeted on Wednesday that the Trump campaign had adjusted “their plan” for black America after speaking to him.

Trump’s plan – dubbed the “Platinum Plan” – includes initiatives such as “neighborhoods with the highest police standards” and replacing “failed schools” with “full school choice”.

Cube is ready to work with both teams, he said, and with anyone who will work with him.

“I don’t play these political games anymore, we are not part of a team… so I go to whoever is in power and I will talk to them about our problems, in particular,” Cube said, explaining that “our” refers to black Americans. “I’m not going there to talk about minorities, I’m not going to talk about people of color or diversity or any of that. I go for black Americans, those who are descendants of slaves. ”

During Friday’s interview, Cube spoke about closing the wealth gap and disrespecting those without money in this country.

“That’s the problem in America, black people don’t own capital,” he said. “We can’t survive in America another 100 years by living like this. ”

On Tuesday, Katrina Pierson, senior advisor to the president, tweeted that Cube helped develop Trump’s “Platinum Plan.”

“The leaders will lead, the haters are going to hate,” she wrote on Twitter. “Thanks for leading! ”

Ice Cube unveiled its 13-part plan in July, which included items such as police and prison reform and interest-free homeownership loans. Although he denounced Trump in 2016, he has said in recent months that he wants change regardless of political party.

“If anyone has an issue with this, it seems like a personal issue,” Cube told Cuomo.


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