ICBC employee fired for posting racist comments on social media – BC News


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An ICBC employee for seven years in the Metro Vancouver area has been fired for making racist remarks on her personal Facebook page.

“Black life doesn’t matter. They don’t belong to white countries, ”the former Burnaby claims specialist wrote this week – that Vancouver is Awesome has chosen not to identify pending information.

“They have been given all the documents and all the opportunities, but they still choose to loot, burn, rape and twerk on the streets while they live with the public purse,” she posted.

On Thursday, the crown corporation confirmed that it would investigate the allegations of posting offensive posts on its social media – after they were posted by a popular Vancouver-based Instagram account that celebrates black culture.

“As an employer who values ​​diversity and inclusion, ICBC finds these racist comments deeply offensive,” the company replied on Instagram.

The employee was fired on Friday.

“We learned that the messages were actually made by an employee, and that person is no longer an ICBC employee,” an email from the company confirmed.

“We do not tolerate any such behavior.”

According to the staff’s public LinkedIn account, she dealt with “workload management” and “developed innovative defense strategies under the rules of the Supreme Court.”

Other posts on his Facebook page said, “The Holocaust did not happen, but it should have. ”

On Friday afternoon, the woman’s Facebook page appeared to have been deactivated or deleted permanently.


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