I can’t compete with the best teams in the NHL now


Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman says his team has “a long way to go” before they can win sustainably again – and he’s not afraid to use the word “rebuild”.”But what I don’t want that to mean is that we’re trying to tear this team apart and try to bring in a whole new group of players over the next year and a half,” Bowman told ESPN. in a high-profile interview. Monday. “But we have to rebuild the depth of our team. We don’t have enough players, top to bottom, to compete with the best teams. We have a lot of good players, we have a very good start. on the ingredients of a good team, but we still have a way to go, and I accept that. ”

On Tuesday, the Blackhawks issued a letter to season ticket holders addressing their management.

“We are committed to developing young players and rebuilding our roster,” the letter read. “We want more than another window to win; we want to rise to the top again and stay there – an effort that will require a stock of emerging talent to complement our best players. ”

According to Bowman, this is not a pivot, but rather an extension of the Blackhawks’ goal over the past two seasons. “Most of the things in the letter we did anyway,” Bowman said. “We just haven’t been very forthright with the fact that we’re doing them. “


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