Huge Canadian white diamond sells for $ 20.9 million at online auction in Hong Kong – Business News


A rare 102.39-carat white oval diamond mined in Canada was sold in Hong Kong for the equivalent of $ 20.9 million.

Sotheby’s says the new owner of the diamond, an anonymous collector in Japan, named the stone ‘Maiko Star’ for his second daughter after winning it with an offer made over the phone at the auction house’s location in Hong Kong .

He says the same buyer last year named another important Sotheby’s diamond the “Manami Star” after his eldest daughter.

The diamond sold on Monday was cut from a 271-carat “rough” discovered by De Beers Group at its Victor mine in northern Ontario in 2018. The mine opened in 2008 and is now being decommissioned.

Sotheby’s says the diamond was offered without a reserve price, a first for many of its importance and value, and drew a flurry of offers, including one for the Canadian equivalent of $ 14.6 million, l highest bid ever on any online jewelry. tenderer.

The auction house said the diamond was “by all critical criteria perfect” with the highest quality of color and clarity, placing it in the most chemically pure class of diamonds.

“This extraordinary gem did not need the help of an estimate or a pre-sale reserve to reach its right price – just the instinctive desire of collectors to own one of the greatest treasures on earth,” said Patti Wong, President of Sotheby’s Asia.


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