Huawei launches the sixth technology hub in France


Huawei launched its sixth research and development center in France after opening a new hub in Paris.

The Chinese tech giant hopes to focus on long-term research and aims to support women scientists and young mathematicians.

The company increased its spending on technology and had a budget of $ 19 billion for research and development in 2019.

Huawei executives and French politicians inspected the new center, located in the ministries district in central Paris.


“The Parisian capital region is one of the most visible players in mathematics on the international scene,” says Faten Hidri, vice-president of the Ile-de-France region centered on the capital.

Hidri said Paris was the ideal location for such a center because of its significant success and expertise in mathematical research.

“In terms of visibility, I am very proud of the place in Paris with the highest number of Fields medalists per capita in the world,” she said. The Fields Medal is one of the most prestigious awards in mathematics, awarded every four years to the world’s top mathematical theorists and practitioners under the age of 40.

When fully operational, the Lagrange Mathematics and Computer Science Research Center will start with 30 employees, working in newly renovated rooms.

Initially, the Paris center will start with 30 employees working in recently renovated rooms, designed with a spirit of social distancing. / CGTN

Initially, the center of Paris will start with 30 employees working in recently renovated rooms, designed with a spirit of social distancing. / CGTN

They will work on Huawei’s goals of further developing cloud technology and wireless networks.

The architects who designed the new center had to take into account the 2020 health measures required due to the COVID-19 pandmeic. The hub is fitted with floor arrows to try and keep a flow of people and hand sanitizer on all desks.

Huawei has been accused of security and privacy concerns, but Merouane Debbah, Huawei France’s R&D director, says the new institution will prove the company has nothing to hide.

She told CGTN: “Overall, I hope this center gives everyone here the opportunity to work with us, to see a little better what we do internally – we are completely in this policy. opening. “


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