How the European directive on the protection of whistleblowers affects the French Sapin 2 law


Last week we published an article summarizing the progress made by a number of EU countries in transposing the EU directive on the protection of whistleblowers into new national legislation. As the compliance deadline approaches, in just 14 months for organizations with 250 or more employees, we will keep you posted on important movements across the EU. What will the new law mean in your country and what will be its impact on the warning system you need to put in place? We start with France.France stands out among most EU member states in that it already has a national law, the Sapin 2 law, which obliges organizations to set up an alert channel. The trick for legislators and organizations is therefore to harmonize existing obligations with the new directive.

The jury is still out on exactly how the EU whistleblower protection directive will affect the Sapin 2 law. However, in two recently published articles, WhistleB Senior Director Jan Tadeusz Stappers as well as Ethics Director Jean- Jacques Quang, analyze the European directive and to what extent it maps on the existing French Sapin law 2. If you want to read the article in English, click here, or to read it in French, click here.

Keep in mind, however, that if you are an EU-based organization with 50 or more employees, you will also need to put some sort of whistleblowing system in place in the next few years. You can start making progress in this area now, regardless of your country’s stage in the transposition process. Go to the WhistleB EU Whistleblower Protection Directive Resource Center for our top tips on preparing for compliance. So why not sign up for a free trial of the WhistleB “Ready-to-Launch” system, which meets the basic requirements of the new directive?


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