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The results are there with Big Brother spoilers for the HOH Part 2 Final after the two HG defeated in the first round clashed in the court for the coveted spot in the third round on the night of the final. We’ll see that competition play out in Wednesday’s two-hour Big Brother 22 season, but for now, it’s a safe bet that these two HGs have faced a mental and physical combo in a grueling battle.

Nicole rose to the challenge of the first round against Cody and Enzo, who left the Jersey Boys to fight for second place. Enzo knew he was in a tough and difficult situation and needed to beat Cody to control his destiny in the match, but could he pull it off?

So who won the second round of the Final Big Brother 22 HoH comps? Read on for spoilers and details.

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Final HoH – Round 2:

  • Cody won the second round
  • Cody and Nicole will participate in the third round
  • Enzo will live with regrets

No one is surprised, right? We knew as soon as we heard that Nicole had won R1 that, barring an untimely death for Cody, he was going to beat Enzo in a physical lineup. Well, Enzo still thought he had a chance and after a long, long downtime for Feeds followed by a missing Enzo, we finally saw him come back from the DR and talk to each other about losing his blood- cold. Looks like he didn’t take his loss in R2 very well. Hmm, maybe he should have kicked Nicole out in that Triple, eh?

Monday’s episode will feature the first round of the HOH Finals and the Jury Roundtable, and then we’re off to Wednesday’s episode for the Grand Final. It’s almost here and it’s almost over.

There are no more nominations or veto contests. We are in the last days of the season. We will wait for the results of the third round on the night of the final to decide who is the last HOH and who will be sent off just before the glory of a Q&A Jury.

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