Heathrow loses crown of Europe’s busiest airport in Paris


Mr. Holland-Kaye said: “The time has come for the government to wake up and smell the French roast. The UK must catch up. This trading island nation has big global ambitions for years to come, but ministers need to be sure that the country’s trade infrastructure is not unduly hampered. ”

Grant Shapps, the transportation secretary, aims to put in place a testing regime for passenger arrivals by December 1.

This would only reduce the quarantine for travel from high-risk countries from 14 to 7 days, rather than canceling the need for restrictions. Quarantines are considered a major deterrent against theft.

Crucial for Heathrow, a so-called “airport hub” where passengers from around the world switch to connecting flights, is restarting flights to North America.

Experts on Tuesday warned that demand for transatlantic flights would not recover until at least 2026.

Mr Holland-Kaye said: ‘If the government soon brings in pre-departure Covid testing and a pilot airlift to the United States, the UK will be in a position to get ahead and go big. Global Brittany a reality. “

The drop in passenger numbers led to an increase in Heathrow’s pre-tax losses to £ 1.5bn for the nine months ending September, from a loss of £ 76m for the same period of the year last. Third quarter revenue fell nearly three-quarters to £ 239million.


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