Health Canada issues recall of counterfeit hand sanitizer


TORONTO – Health Canada has announced a recall after discovering a company selling a counterfeit version of one of the hand sanitizers on its approved list. In a statement released Thursday, the agency said it learned that distributor Northern National Sales Inc. was selling a fake version of Zytec Germ Buster Hand Sanitizer.

Health Canada claims to have worked with Emback Spraytech Inc., the company behind the licensed product, to ensure that the counterfeit version was not among theirs.

As demand for hand sanitizer increased at the onset of the pandemic, Health Canada released a list of approved hand sanitizers that met government requirements for sale in Canada, to ensure that consumers would not be not absorbed by products claiming to be hand sanitizers. which did not correspond to the regulations.

Zytec Germ Buster hand sanitizer is licensed for sale in Canada, but officials say the counterfeit version claiming the name is not. Health Canada states that it has contacted the distributor of the counterfeit and asked them to recall the product.

“Counterfeit products may contain ingredients not listed on the label, dangerous additives or other contaminants,” Health Canada said in the recall. “Plus, they may not contain the active ingredients that Canadians expect them to contain. Since counterfeit Zytec Germ Buster hand sanitizer is not authorized and manufactured with an unknown formulation, it may not be effective in killing bacteria and viruses, and may pose serious health risks.

So if you recently purchased Zytec Germ Buster Hand Sanitizer, how can you tell if you have the real version?

Health Canada states that both versions of the product have the same NPN, or natural product number, 80015625, and the same lot number, 3329733126.

However, the real product has a colored label, and the version with these two numbers is only available in 3.78 liters, while the counterfeit version has a black and white label and uses these numbers on a bottle. ‘one liter.

Health Canada says anyone who has the counterfeit version should stop using it immediately and contact healthcare professionals if you have used it and if you are concerned about your health.

Northern National Sales Inc. has confirmed it is no longer selling the product, according to Health Canada.


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