Health Canada Expands Recall of Daily Shield Hand Sanitizer Nationwide


TORONTO – Health Canada has expanded the recall of hand sanitizers sold at Dollarama to include all stores that carry the mark nationwide, while also suspending the parent company responsible for manufacturing the product. The recall, issued Wednesday evening, includes all Daily Shield hand sanitizers from retailers across Canada due to the presence of methanol in the product. Health Canada urges the public to immediately stop using the product as it can pose serious health risks including dermatitis, eye irritation and can be fatal if swallowed.

The expanded recall includes disinfectants under the brand names Daily Shield and Bio Life in the form of gel, liquid and medicated wipes.

Health Canada said tests found the disinfectant also contained less than the recommended amount of ethanol, meaning it was “not likely to provide effective hand sanitizing functions, such as removing germs and bacteria ”.

Last week, Health Canada issued a recall for Daily Shield hand sanitizers, but only those sold at Dollarama. At the time, the agency said that a counterfeit version of the product hit store shelves.

Now Health Canada says “new information” provided to them by Daily Shield’s parent company, Bio Life Sciences Corp., indicates that Dollarama’s product was ultimately not counterfeit.

Health Canada found several manufacturing violations at Bio Life, including poor record keeping and “lack of testing on finished products.” As a result, the agency suspended all product licenses held by Bio Life in a bid to revoke the company’s COVID-19 site license.

Health Canada has a complete list of hand sanitizers approved for sale in Canada and another list of acceptable products that may not meet full regulatory requirements, but are safe and will help meet national demand. .


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