Harley-Davidson launches electric bike so you can say you’re riding a Harley


On November 16, Harley-Davidson unveils its new bike: a real bike.

The Serial 1 is the first electric bike in what will be a new product line from the American motorcycle maker. Harley-Davidson introduced its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, last year, but quickly ran into production issues (with the battery).

The company doesn’t share much about the new bike’s capabilities or even its price, but a spokesperson wrote in an email that it was aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts, commuters and beginners. It will be an electric assist bike, which means that when you pedal on the electric motor, a battery will provide additional power for your ride.

As seen in a video and photos released this week, the Serial 1 will have a mid-mounted motor, internal breakout cables to give it a crisp look and lighting for night driving.

The design, with the white wheels and vintage-inspired handlebars, is inspired by Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle in 1903.

It’s still a Harley.
Ambiance old-school.
Ambiance old-school.

Harley-Davidson is clearly marked on the frame, so even though it’s “just an electric bike,” it’s still a Harley. You cannot pre-order the bike yet, but you can sign up to receive updates on the new dedicated website. By November 16, we’ll find out more about Harley’s latest electric vehicle.


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