Hamilton wonders when the edge of the race will finally give up


Lewis Hamilton wondered when he would suffer a drop in performance after setting a new record for Formula 1 wins after his victory in the Portuguese Grand Prix.The six-time champion, however, is hoping that his dominating triumph in Portimão – crushing Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas by more than 25 seconds to secure his 92nd victory – is proof that the day is far from soon.

With one hand on a record-tying seventh title, asked how high he could set the benchmark, he said, “I don’t believe the saying ‘The sky is the limit’. It’s just a saying.

“It depends on what we want, on our willingness to keep raising the bar and following our story together, just the way we work, we don’t just sit on our results, we keep working, we keep we to raise.

“I really wonder sometimes, you know, I’m fucking 35. I still feel strong physically but you still wonder when it will tip and [you] to lose performances but to show oneself by that, it is not yet. ”

Hamilton has campaigned relentlessly for a more diverse F1 this season, while calling for a push for environmental considerations to be introduced, among other initiatives.

The championship leader insists that the opportunity to use his position as a platform for change is one of the many external reasons that keep him going.

“Every race is like the first,” he said. “I don’t know how it’s possible after all these races, but for me it is, just as difficult as the first one, and I think we still have a lot to do.

“Especially since we are in this crazy period of the pandemic. We’re in a crazy time to also have to use our position as a company, as an industry leader for inclusiveness, for diversity, there’s a lot of work to be done.

“So that keeps me inspired. My teammates, who keep growing, my fans who are continually learning through this process with all of us, and our slowly evolving sport, it’s a really special time. ”

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