Hamilton nursing home evacuated in “increasingly unsustainable and dangerous” situation


A Hamilton nursing home is evacuated amid a “worsening situation” that the city says has become “increasingly untenable and dangerous” for residents and staff.

According to a city press release, approximately 35 people living at Emerald Lodge Residential Care Center will be temporarily relocated to the former Cathedral Boys’ School.

The house is owned and operated by a numbered company, with Stefanie Martino as manager, says the city.

However, a receiver, Grant Thorton Ltd., has been appointed. The city says the receiver fired the operator of the lodge on Friday.

In May, company records also named Stefanie Martino as administrator of the Rosslyn retirement residence, which was evacuated following a COVID-19 outbreak that has infected 64 residents and 22 staff. Sixteen people died.

In the days following this outbreak, Public Health told CBC it was urgently inspecting eight homes connected to the same owners, including Emerald Lodge.

Rosslyn’s license has been revoked by the Nursing Home Regulatory Authority, a decision the house is appealing.

Inspections raised “serious concerns”

Following an announcement that Emerald Lodge was in receivership, bylaws, public health and fire officials all performed additional inspections, the city says.

He goes on to say that the inspections resulted in several orders and a notice to the lodge operator that his license would not be renewed at the end of the month.

A summary of inspections provided by the city includes references to a public health examination on October 11 which discovered a “pest infestation in a food storage area” and led to an order being issued on “the prevention gaps. and control ”.

In its statement, the city says the situation at the lodge, which supports the elderly, the disabled or low-income, has worsened over the week and, at the request of the receiver, Grant Thornton, the personnel and the safe relocation of those who remain there.

Residents will undergo an “assessment,” the city says, but it is unclear where they will ultimately be moved.

The statement says city staff are working with service partners to meet the individual needs of residents and to find long-term housing, and promises more updates in the coming days.


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