Hamilton City Evacuation Care Facility owned by the same family that owns the Rosslyn


A Hamilton residential care facility owned by the same family that owns the Rosslyn retirement home was evacuated on Friday, the city said.

In a statement late Friday afternoon, the City of Hamilton said it was responding to a “deteriorating situation” at Emerald Lodge, a residential care facility located at 83-85 Emerald St., near Main Street and Victoria Avenue. The facility’s 35 or so residents were moved to the nearby old cathedral boys’ school “for evaluation” – although it was not known where they would go next.

“Throughout the week, the situation at Emerald Lodge has become increasingly untenable and dangerous for residents and staff,” the statement said. “This afternoon – at the request of the lodge receiver… – the city will begin the orderly and safe move of the residents of the Emerald Lodge.

The city says it will work with community service partners “to assess and ensure that the individual needs of residents are met and find long-term housing alternatives.”

Recent inspections of the facility revealed a “pest infestation in a food storage area” among other “serious concerns,” the statement said.

“Serious concerns included the lack of on-site management supervision of the facility; the repair status of the installation; the safety and security of staff and residents; staffing levels; inadequate infection prevention and control measures; and the operator’s general inability to meet the complex needs of residents, ”the statement said.

The city says it has stepped up inspections – the settlement, Hamilton Fire Department and Public Health Departments have all inspected the home – after reporting the FCR was in receivership.

Emerald Lodge is currently owned by the Martino family, and Stefanie Martino was director and manager. The city says the designated receiver, Grant Thornton Limited, fired the operator of the lodge on Friday.

The spectator reported on October 1 – the same day that city inspections began – that the residential care facility owned by the Martino family, who also owns the Rosslyn, was placed in receivership. At that time, it would soon go on sale.

Earlier this week, Martino’s attorney confirmed to The Spec that Rosslyn “was part of a sale of multiple facilities.”

Prior to the receivership, the numbered company that operates Emerald Lodge, which houses low-income and disabled people, had defaulted on mortgage payments for three of the past four months, according to an affidavit filed in court by the main lender of the company, Alterna Savings. and credit union.

An attorney for the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic said on Friday she was “not surprised” to learn that Emerald Lodge was being evacuated.

“This is not surprising given that this lodge has failed to bring health and safety and property standards to minimum requirements,” said lawyer Stephanie Cox. “There have been complaints from tenants who felt mistreated and discriminated against by the staff.”

Cox said she was happy to see the city take action.

The city says the inspections gave rise to “several orders and a notice to the operator that the RCF license would not be renewed at the end of the month.”

The Martinos own and operate the Rosslyn, a King Street East nursing home that was evacuated in May amid a terrible COVID-19 outbreak. Almost all of the residents were transferred to the hospital during the emergency evacuation – a chaotic situation that inadvertently left one resident.



A total of 64 Rosslyn residents and 22 staff members have been infected with COVID. Sixteen residents died. The house’s license was then withdrawn. The Rosslyn is appealing this decision.

A request for comment from Martino’s lawyer went unanswered on Friday evening.


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