Groups can now rent a private New West arcade for themselves (PHOTOS)


Game Collector Kyle Seller Says With COVID-19 There Is Negativity: “Just Trying To Find Something That Makes You Forget”

“With COVID-19 there is so much negativity – I just tried to find something that made you forget about that a bit.It’s from pinball enthusiast Kyle Seller, the founder of the new Industry Arcade that has recently sprung up near the New Westminster waterfront.

Nearly 50 arcade games now line the sprawling industrial warehouse the vendor used to house in the vast collection it rented out at bars and for events before the pandemic.

Although he started the East Van Amusements business in 2013, it became largely unprofitable when a public health crisis was declared in British Columbia.

“It was like a hammer,” the seller said Vancouver is awesome. In March, revenues from arcade games rented to Vancouver establishments “came to a halt.”

In mid-April, the pinball site where the seller provided games – Pub 340 – was shutting down for good. At the same time, other places, including Brewhall, have had to limit their rentals in order to make room for social distancing.

“We went from 10 games to just two,” explained the seller. “Our profits have been reduced by approximately 98%. Almost all of our accounts in Vancouver are closed. ”

So the gamemaster decided he had to act, and fast.

“I thought I had to do something,” he says.

Industry Arcade owner and operator Kyle Seller. Photo: Vancouver Museum

For the next four months, Seller and his wife worked to transform their “dirty old shop” in New Westminster into a fully functioning private gallery for small family or social groups to rent.

“The space is all theirs, no general public at all,” the seller said, adding that most people are shocked when they see the facility for the first time.

With prices as low as $ 200 for up to 10 people, two hours of play equals $ 20 per person.

Groups are even allowed to bring their own food and drink – although, along with Another Beer Company, gambling players next door have been known to stop by and enjoy a stout.

The seller and his wife go through an hour-long process to thoroughly sanitize machines between rental groups.

So far after opening recently he said “we haven’t made a lot of money,” but they’ve raised hundreds of dollars for charity by renting the space by donation.

“Last weekend, three groups booked the space,” the seller said. “It’s gratifying to see people having fun. ”

The owner is grateful to the City of New Westminster for granting the arcade a temporary use permit in the industrial space.

The reservation of the arcade can be done HERE.


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