Goodbye “50 states of fear”: Quibi stops after only 7 months


To anyone’s surprise, the small-sized streaming platform known as which Officially closes just seven months after arriving on the scene earlier this year. For horror fans, that means the horror anthology series produced by Sam Raimi. “50 states of fear” is gone, with the series evacuating two seasons of content before its home streaming.It also means that Junji Ito’s upcoming adaptation À M Alexandre Aja is no longer happening, although we hope that – and “50 States” – will find its place elsewhere.

The Wall Street Journal has the full breakdown of the shutdown, with the site noting that “the streaming service has been plagued by problems since launching in April, facing lower-than-expected viewership, download numbers. disappointing and to a trial of an enemy good. Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg today issued the appeal to investors.

Designed as a streaming option, with all content broken down into short ‘episodes’ meant to be viewed on your phone, Quibi certainly didn’t take advantage of the launch during a pandemic that left everyone stranded at home, although that can hardly be considered the sole reason for his downfall. At the end of the day, he didn’t stand out enough to make his mark.

Other genre shows Quibi had on her list included “The Expecting”, which was just released, directed by Mary Harron, and “The Stranger” starring Maika Monroe / Dane DeHaan.


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