GM says it will lead the electric revolution, but can we trust them?


GM CEO Mary Barra says the automaker can lead the electric revolution.But given GM’s past (and current) efforts against EVs, can we trust them?

In recent years, GM has claimed to be “all-in-one” in electric vehicles.

In a new post on LinkedIn titled “General Motors Has What It Takes To Put Everyone In An Electric Vehicle,” CEO Mary Barra argued that GM will lead the electric vehicle revolution with its Ultium electric platform. :

“Ultium, our highly flexible global EV platform, is a game-changer by reducing costs, increasing reach and unlocking design potential. It is also a differentiating technological platform that brings other companies to our door. EVs – and the technology we design to create them – are key to GM’s growth trajectory. I believe that with all the assets we have, we will win. And we will create a more sustainable world for future generations. “

The CEO referred to his recently announced plans for electric vehicle factories, such as “Factory Zero” and its assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

You can read Barra’s full article here.

Taking Electrek

GM is currently doing a lot of things that I love about electric vehicles.

They have 12 different fully electric vehicle programs in the works, several new electric vehicle factories in development, and a partnership with LG Chem to manufacture batteries.

But GM has a strange history with electric vehicles that makes it hard for me to trust them.

Of course, there’s the infamous EV1 crash well documented in Chris Paine’s documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car,” but there are other things that have happened more recently as well.

My biggest complaint against GM is that they are siding with the Trump administration in fighting California by setting its own emission standards, which was clearly an anti-EV move – even though they tried to sell him like a pro-EV.

It took a toll on me, and I know it has done the same for a lot of people in the EV community.

The partnership with Nikola, who has proven himself to be lying and cheating on the public, hasn’t helped either.

But I can forgive.

VW messed up with Dieselgate, and I think getting caught gave them the kick in the ass they needed to take electrification seriously.

I can ignore GM’s past if they really take EV seriously now, as Barra claims, but they’re going to have a lot more work to do to regain my confidence.

And you? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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