Gizelle Bryant says Monique Samuels never liked Candiace Dillard


Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard’s fight marks the first RHOP history. The cast members are split into two distinct groups, each trying to determine who is on the side to take. But one co-star who makes it clear she thinks Samuels is at fault is Gizelle Bryant.

Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels | Paul Morigi / Bravo

Bryant doesn’t just claim that Samuels is jealous of Dillard; but, she said too, although the ladies were friends at one point, Samuels never liked Dillard.

Monique Samuels insists Candiace Dillard provoked her in their fight

The growing tension of Samuels and Dillard came to a head in episode 9 of RHOP. Leading up to their hair-cutting fight, the two argued relentlessly. Samuels believes Dillard was dishonest in aligning herself with former friends of Samuels who she says are actively trying to destroy her family.

Dillard denies Samuels’s claims. She says she has tried to move in a positive direction with Samuels, but Samuels’ anger with her is so deep that she is unable to do so.

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The verbal punches turned into a knockout brawl, leaving Samuels with a bloody lip from a glass thrown at her – and Dillard’s hair in ruins from Samuels’ attack on her. Samuels insists Dillard’s attitude and comments are provoking, explaining to the group that Dillard’s verbal beatings are just as damaging as a physical altercation.

Samuels and Dillard continue to blame each other. Currently, they both admit they wish things didn’t end this way and say that the experience serves as a lesson for both of them.

Gizelle Bryant claims Monique Samuels never liked Candiace Dillard

According to Bryant, the once close friendship between Samuels and Dillard is one-sided. While Bryant admits that Samuels and Dillard have a recurring relationship, she says that Samuels was not honest about his true feelings towards Dillard. Bryant recalls witnessing Samuels’ bad feelings about Dillard while traveling with the cast of Season 3 in an exclusive Bravo clip.

“I distinctly remember Nemacolin – it was season 3 – Monique couldn’t stand Candiace from day one,” claims Bryant. “I wouldn’t tell him [Dillard] to his face. She thought Candiace was fake, she thought Candiace wasn’t in the band… Then I think their relationship just evolved and they were just boyfriend-boyfriend, then they tore up and get back together.

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But according to Samuels and Dillard, they had genuine love for each other. They lovingly referred to each other as sisters. Samuels took Dillard under her wing and said she did her best to help him navigate the group, as Samuels didn’t receive the warmest reception from some of her co-stars.

“I just felt like a big sister,” Samuels says. “I wanted to watch over her as I would like someone to take care of me.

Sadly, Samuels and Dillard seem to be at a point that seems irreversible. Previews for the remainder of Season 5 show the cast dividing up on which side to choose from as a result of the fight and how Samuels and Dillard struggle to understand what happened between them.

RHOP airs every Sunday on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST.


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