Germany, France to propose sanctions against individuals in naval poisoning – press release


BERLIN / PARIS (Reuters) – Germany and France will propose sanctions targeting specific individuals they believe responsible for poisoning Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny after Russia failed to provide a convincing explanation, said declared their foreign ministers.

“No credible explanation has been provided so far by Russia,” they said of the use of the military nerve agent Novichok on Navalny, who was then evacuated to the German capital to be there. cared for. They added that they would soon share proposals for sanctions targets with their European partners.

“The proposals will target individuals found responsible for this crime and for violating international standards, on the basis of their official function, as well as an entity involved in the Novichok program,” they said.

Reporting by Andreas Rinke in Berlin and John Irish in Paris, written by Thomas Escritt, editing by Madeline Chambers


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