Georgia football game against Kentucky has been moved to October 31


Due to a COVID-19 outbreak in Florida, the Georgia Bulldogs’ schedule has been changed. Georgia are now ready to face the Kentucky Wildcats on Oct. 31, the SEC has announced. The game will be played at noon ET and broadcast on the SEC network.Originally, the game against Kentucky was scheduled for next weekend, October 24. However, Kentucky will now play Missouri next Saturday. The Tigers were originally scheduled to play in Florida on October 24, but the Gators now have an open week for this week and next.

Georgia were originally scheduled to have their week off on October 31, the week before the game in Florida. Now, both teams will be out next weekend, and both teams will play on October 31. That’s when Florida’s rescheduled game against Missouri takes place.

The Gators announced that 18 fellows tested positive earlier this week, shortly after the Florida-LSU game was suspended. This contest will now be played on December 12.

Georgian coach Kirby Smart was asked about his team’s performance regarding COVID-19 earlier this week.

“Really no way to tell. The most important thing is that you are at a day, at a test, at a situation far from a possible situation like Florida, “said Smart. “We were very lucky. I think Ron (Courson) and the medical staff did a great job for us. ”

Smart added that he felt his team were doing a good job so far.

“We feel like our players are doing a good job, but I’ll be honest with you when they’re not here, I don’t always know what they’re doing,” said Smart. “The biggest concern we have is the post-game Sunday. Then they are back in a routine Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

“You’re at an exhibition, an epidemic of losing guys. We’ve been lucky so far, but not all of our test results this week. ”

Georgia’s opponent this weekend is grappling with his own COVID-19 issues, Alabama coach Nick Saban testing positive on Wednesday. A second test which was carried out on Thursday was negative. If Saban’s test results, taken 24 hours apart, on Friday and Saturday come back negative, he still has the opportunity to train on Saturday.

Alabama has not announced any positive COVID-19 test results for its players and as of the publication date of this article, the Georgia-Alabama game is still ongoing. It’s scheduled for 8 p.m. ET on CBS on Saturday night.

Georgia posted a video from its Twitter account Friday evening indicating that it had boarded the plane to Tuscaloosa, Ala.

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