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Bennett’s goals for the week

While the week off provided opportunities for Georgia’s main three backup quarterbacks, it was also an important moment for the newbie. Stetson Bennett in his attempt to iron out mistakes that hurt him in the Bulldogs’ loss to Alabama.At Tuesday’s Zoom press conference, head coach Kirby Smart highlighted the implications of the extra time on the practice field.

“His first goal was to do a better job of protecting the ball in terms of two hands in the pocket, and also when running,” said Smart. “If you noticed he had the one against Alabama, and he picked it up. He runs with the ball in one hand. We have made a strong effort to improve this. ”

That was not all.

While his three interceptions obviously played a key role in the outcome of the game, Bennett’s decision-making was an area he needed to improve.

“His second goal was decision making on the throws and check-downs on the field. The third thing was to put ourselves in the right game and make the right decisions. He worked really hard on these things, ”said Smart. “Part of his movement in the pocket – which is consciousness. I thought he could learn a lot from Jake (Fromm) in terms of pocket consciousness.

For example?

“Where are the holes in the pockets?” Where’s the rush? Where can (he) intervene? Smart said. “I think he did well with that. It’s hard to fake that, because we don’t have games. We try to do this with competitive third parties and periods of success. “

Kirby Smart wants Stetson Bennet to stop carrying the ball in an arm. (UGA Sports Communications)

Injury update

Smart said both running Kenny McIntosh (knee) and linebacker Monty Rice (foot) improve as Saturday’s game at Kentucky draws closer.“We’re hoping Kenny can play – kinda the same way with Monty,” Smart said. “(Rice) was able to practice a limited amount with her sprained foot. He was able to participate in the Alabama game. We were certainly grateful for that. We gave him time during the week to recover. His biggest asset is maintaining his cardio right now.

Wide receiver Matt Landers (shoulder) also improves.

“Matt is good. He practiced today, ”said Smart. “He’s still got lingering effects, but we think he’s going to be able to play and has done a good job.

Smart will always try to stay strong in defense

Smart was asked how long it would take the defenses to catch up with the impressive offensive performances fans are currently seeing, like with Alabama this season and LSU last year.

The question seemed to make him sick.

“There is no magic potion for me to catch up with. There is no system that was not invented, ”said Smart. “The blankets that people play and the tusks that people play have stood the test of time.”

Yet Smart admits, perhaps reluctantly, that the game is changing.

“The game is designed to be entertaining and to score points. Nobody wants a 9-6 game. They don’t like it, ”Smart said. “I think it’s a good thing. It is a physical force. I think it’s a rock ’em game, sock em. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. It can be a good game and be 9-6, but no one is amused by it. The world we live in today is entertained by dots.

So what is a defense to do?

“The rules aren’t set for scoring points – I’m not saying that, but there is certainly an advantage in terms of the number of snapshot infractions taken. When you watch a game where someone takes 90 shots – that has never happened before, ”he said. “As the clichés increase, as the passing game increases, as the skill level increases in high school, there are fewer people to defend it. Twenty years ago there are fewer players in high school, some were defensive backs and now their skillful guys are fumbles, and you’re trying to catch up with guys.

Still, Smart isn’t about to give up on trying to put on the best defense possible.

“I don’t know when they (the infractions) will catch up. I don’t know if they will catch up. I really don’t care if they catch up, ”said Smart. “Our job is to do the best possible job defending these types of offenses. We want to defend them better than the others. I think we can do it. If you recruit well and have enough athletes and good enough players, you can defend big offenses better than anyone. It doesn’t mean you are going to stop them, but it does mean you can defend them better than everyone else.

“You better be able to brand yourself.”

No fudging on road trip protocols

Fingers crossed, but so far the Bulldogs have apparently been able to avoid substantial losses when it comes to Covid-19.

This is especially important given that Saturday’s game in Kentucky will be the team’s third road trip this year – when traveling, teams are seen as more vulnerable.

So what was Georgia’s secret?

“You spend a little more time on the plane,” Smart said. “In terms of the COVID-19 protocol, we have a seating chart. We don’t let certain types of similar positions sit next to each other hoping to disperse guys. We try to keep roommates at home and close to each other because they have been exposed before.

Once secured in the team hotel, other precautions are put in place.

“They don’t take elevators, don’t drive with strangers, don’t hang out in the lobby. We have fewer people seated at a table, so we have more distribution, ”said Smart. “We took precautions there that we learned from other teams who had problems on the road. This does not mean that we are perfect, in any case. We are trying to learn. “


Smart if he feels he can be more aggressive with his first seven against Kentucky: “I really think you have to stop the race when you play Kentucky, first and foremost. I’m sure they’re looking for ways to increase the passing game and do a good job because they can’t be one-dimensional. They know that. They have good football coaches. They are looking for things that complement what they are doing and they have been successful in doing so. They failed to do so in their last game, but they have already succeeded. They had a great success two years ago against us throwing the ball, especially at the end of the game, and it was with [Kentucky quarterback] Terry Wilson. So with us we have to worry about ourselves. We have to go out and play a good football game. We must surpass them. We have to have our guys mentally and physically ready to play, because I know the Kentucky staff coaches. They are doing a really good job and they will have their team ready to play.

Intelligent on the progression of his offensive line: “In spurts, we played better. Certainly the production was better. I think they are a bit more comfortable. I can’t really explain the Arkansas game other than we guys didn’t budge and didn’t perform really well. It turned into a passing game, it seemed – we threw it a lot. There wasn’t a lot of run-game in the second half. I thought they had done good things in every game. We have guys who played, come in Trey (Hills), Ben (Cleveland) and Jamaree (Salyer). They played football a lot, even (Justin) Shaffer played a lot of football for us here. They play at a better level, probably not what we need in terms of elite, but they work hard every day. We mix the guys in practice. We have to prepare for an injury. The second five all worked, and each of those guys in the top five doubled down to a second position as an emergency. Right now it’s really about developing young guys and continuing to improve them and trying to get our first guys to perform at a higher level.


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