Gemma Collins shows her ‘real face’ after dissolving chin fat


Gemma Collins has shown fans her ‘real face’ after being accused of altering her appearance online with filters. But the former TOWIE star took to her Instagram story to prove that this is what she really looks like.

She says the changes in her appearance are simply due to some facial procedures she has had recently, including the fat dissolving in her chin.

Speaking to the camera and looking stunning in a leopard print top, the 39-year-old said, “Guys, it’s me, the GC. I don’t normally do these videos, but just wanted to show you it’s me, this is how I look.

Gemma showed her real face

“There have been a few comments recently about the filters, but I have done some amazing facial treatments – hydration, skin tightening, had a little injection in my chin to take some fat off my chin. .

“Everything was done by the London Aesthetics Company. ”

She continued, “It’s just that I’ve seen a lot of people say, ‘You have a filter, you have this.

She was accused of using filters

“Honey, it’s not a filter, it’s me, my authentic self, I just took care of myself a lot lately, and I loved myself, and I’m a queen at the end of the day.”

“This is how I look, so I just wanted to come over here, there is no filter here, this is normal video, and show you it’s me.”

“Yes my face has changed a bit but for the better because I lost weight I feel great I have time to take care of myself I have had a lot of wonderful treatments at the London Aesthetics Company and I feel brand new. ”

Gemma says she’s had a lot of treatments on her face

Gemma said she just wanted to ‘clear it up’, stating that she wasn’t a fan of filters, and joking that she basically wakes up with a face full of makeup every day.

She has told her fans that certain makeup and styling can work wonders on your confidence.

But she said clearly, “You can see it’s my face. “

She looks amazing after losing the 3rd

The injections Gemma received in her chin cost around £ 350.

Gemma lost three stones and recently rocked fans with her stunning photos.


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