GAY nightclub owner launches legal action against government after 10pm curfew


The owner of the GAY nightclub has taken legal action against the government for failing to provide evidence to justify the 10 p.m. curfew imposed two weeks ago.

Jeremy Joseph is seeking judicial review of the controversial decision that cast doubt on the future of some late-night venues.

Critics say the curfew may actually increase the spread of the coronavirus by causing large numbers of people to leave pubs, clubs and restaurants at the same time rather than more gradually over the course of each night.

Mr Joseph argued that the curfew damaged the hospitality industry and “makes absolutely no sense”.

“It does the opposite of protecting people by pushing them into the streets at the same time. They go from security inside theaters with staggered closing times to insecurity in overcrowded streets and overcrowded public transport.

“This government has not shown why the 10pm curfew was put in place and has not released any scientific evidence to support its implementation.

“It seems to shift the blame for this action onto the industry, consistently treating the nightlife economy as a scapegoat when in fact we have years of operational experience to keep customers safe and have spent a lot of time and effort. efforts to ensure that our sites are Covid secure.

Michael Kill, head of the Night Time Industries Association, supported Mr Joseph’s position and said that “the curfew and additional restrictions on the sector have had a catastrophic impact on activity levels, which has leads thousands of businesses to make the difficult decision to close doors, or make staff redundant. “

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs said: “The latest data suggests a considerable increase in the rate of infection following the socialization of people in reception places serving alcohol in recent weeks, so we took immediate action to reduce the rate of transmission and save lives. constantly monitor all measurements.

“The 10pm shutdown allows people to continue socializing while reducing the risk of not moving away socially.”


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