French online advertising lobbies file antitrust complaint against Apple –


Four French online advertising lobbies have filed an antitrust complaint against Apple over changes the iPhone maker will make to privacy features in the next version of its mobile operating system, they said in a statement Wednesday (October 28th). .

As part of Apple’s new operating system, iOS 14, iPhone owners will be asked whether they are ready to allow installed mobile apps to collect a key ID used to set campaign ads and send email messages. targeted advertisements.

The four associations – IAB France, MMAF, SRI and UDECAM – said the changes made by Apple did not respect European Union privacy rules. They added that Apple did not adhere to the same standards because it would still be able to send targeted ads to iOS users without asking their prior consent.

“This case is not about privacy; it is about Apple abusing its market power to distort competition, ”said the four associations in a joint statement.

Authorization to accept must be registered via a dialog box from early 2021.

“With iOS 14, we’re giving users the choice of whether or not to allow apps to track them by linking their information to third-party data for advertising purposes or by sharing their information with data brokers,” Apple said. in a statement.

“We believe that confidentiality is a fundamental human right and support the leadership of the European Union in the protection of privacy with strong laws such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)”, he added. he declares.

IOS 14’s new privacy features could lead to a sharp drop in revenue for publishers and bankrupt many ad technology providers, the four associations said.

The joint complaint was filed with the French competition authority. A spokesperson for the authority confirmed that the regulator had received the complaint, which is currently under review.


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