French Kill Man After Fatal Street Knife Attack


The beheading came three weeks after a man wielding a knife injured two people in Paris near the site of the former Charlie Hebdo office – the scene of a 2015 terror attack targeting the satirical newspaper for its cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad who became the center of a criminal trial.

On Friday, a police union official told French television station BFM that witnesses saw Eragny’s assailant slit the victim’s throat and shout “Allahu akbar” – God is the greatest.

National police were called, officials said, and after finding the decapitated victim, confronted the assailant nearby, near a school.

Wielding a large knife, he threatened the officers and, after refusing to surrender, was shot 10 times, they said.

A prosecutor from the country’s special counterterrorism unit was immediately dispatched to investigate, officials said.


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