Frankie Bridge transports son Parker, 6, to A&E as he “takes his breath away”


Frankie Bridge revealed she had to transport her son to hospital last night after being left breathless.The former Saturday singer, 31, said the ordeal “broke her heart” but reassured her fans that little Parker, six, is doing well.

Parker suffers from a condition called croup which occurs in young children and babies affecting their trachea, the most common symptom being a barking cough.

Parents are told that if their child develops breathing problems from croup, they should take them to A&E where doctors will often give them oxygen and a dose of adrenaline.

Frankie Bridge revealed she had to transport her son to hospital last night after being left breathless

She was exhausted the next day

On her Instagram account Thursday morning, Frankie shared a photo of herself cuddling her eldest son after being released from the hospital.

She said, “Was in a and e last night with this little guy… with yet another croup attack…

“No matter how many times it happens… seeing someone scavenge for air is always terrifying.”

Frankie and Wayne Bridge are the proud parents of sons Parker and Carter

” It breaks my heart. But he’s absolutely fine now… just very sleepy… ”

Frankie later posted a photo of herself very tired after a long night at A&E.

“A very tired and emotionally exhausted mom,” she says.

Frankie spoke about his recent diagnosis of PCOS

Frankie, who also shares her five-year-old son Carter with husband Wayne Bridge, recently spoke about her own health battles.

She revealed that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) after having irregular periods, poor PMT and bad skin.

Frankie said: “It goes on different scales so I’m not at the top of the scale, [I’m] pretty close to the bottom, but that really explains everything. ”


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