France v Wales are on the march after the top 14 clubs agree a compromise for a 6-game window


The French administrators have finally come to a compromise, with the FFR and Top 14 clubs agreeing that a six-game testing window can start with Paris’s friendly on October 24 against Wales.A window of three matches and four weeks was all the Top 14 clubs had agreed ahead of Thursday’s decision in France. It comes after a Council of State decision on the issue insisted that the FFR and the National Rugby League must find common ground.

France have six games on their schedule, the first game against Wales followed by the Six Nations game against Ireland and four games in the Fall Nations Cup.

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A statement from the NRL outlining the terms of its agreement with the FFR read: “During this international period of autumn 2020, a single player can only be registered on a maximum of three match sheets.

“The players will be made available as follows in this exceptional autumn window: Before each match, 31 players will be selected by the FFR from Sunday evening (or Monday morning if the player plays a match with his club on Sunday).

“Among these 31 players, 28 players will be selected by the FFR at the choice of the coach of the France team.

“The other three players will be made available to their club on Wednesday evening if the club plays a match on Friday evening, or on Thursday afternoon if their club plays a match on Saturday / Sunday or does not play a match.

During the week of November 2 to 8, after which the French team will not play a match, 28 players will be made available from Thursday November 5 to Sunday November 8.

“This amendment to the agreement will be submitted to the steering committees of the LNR and the FFR for approval.

“It constitutes a balanced and united agreement which takes into account, on the one hand, the health issues of the players, on the other hand, the sporting and economic issues for the French team, the FFR, the LNR and the clubs of the exceptional context of health crisis. “


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