France Second Lockdown: Your questions answered


President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that from midnight Thursday, France will move towards a second national lockdown in order to stem the flow of coronavirus.But this lockdown is not the same as the spring lockdown that lasted between mid-March and mid-May. We try to answer your questions about how this second lockdown will affect you.

I’m not in France at the moment but that’s where my house is. Will I still be allowed to go home?

Specific details on this have not yet been announced and should be clarified by Prime Minister Jean Castex this evening.

What we know from Mr Macron’s speech is that “France’s internal borders within the European area will remain open and with a few exceptions, the external borders will remain closed”.

Thus, travel may still be allowed between countries in the European area (the EU plus countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Iceland, etc.)

If you are a French resident, you should have no problem re-entering France.

Otherwise, it could be more complicated.

During the previous detention, there were strict restrictions on who could come to France and for what reasons.

The connection The team is looking into this issue and will follow up soon.

Can people return to the UK or to their home country?

Yes. Transport services will remain open, so it will be possible.

Will my British family be able to come here for Christmas?

As explained above, it is not yet clear what the rules will be for traveling to France during the lockdown.

Containment measures are expected to remain in place at least until December 1, but could be extended.

If they are extended over the Christmas period, it could prevent people from coming on vacation.

The president of the Conseil Scientifique in France, Jean-François Delfraissy, told radio station France Inter:

“The end-of-year celebrations will be done in small groups, probably under curfew. A third wave cannot be ruled out. ”

Do I have to fill out a certificate to pick up my children from school?


Can we use the attestation on a smartphone again?

Yes. The new attestation forms have not yet been made available but should be available later today. You will be able to access it through the Covid-19 TousAntiCovid tracking application, or through the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

You will also be able to get a printable hard copy, or, like last time, if you do not have access to a smartphone or printer, you will be able to write a certificate by hand on a blank sheet of paper, including the details found. on the normal form.

What about appointments with the dentist or orthodontist? Physiotherapy sessions? Or non-urgent medical appointments already scheduled?

What we know so far is that online consultations will be advised. However, in the event of a more pressing problem, such as a severe toothache or broken glasses, it will be possible to get an appointment.

The best thing to do is to call your dentist, physiotherapist, optometrist, etc. and discuss with them how to proceed.

More details should be given on this this evening.

And the post offices?

These will remain open.

Can I go to the hairdressers?

Unfortunately, these are deemed non-essential and will close. The connection The team is hearing reports from hairdressers being complete today.

Does the 1 hour and 1 mile home exercise limit still apply?

Just like in spring, this rule will apply again.

Will cycling for exercise be prohibited during lockdown like last time?

If you stay within a kilometer of your home, this will be allowed. The use of bicycles is encouraged as a means of transport.

What about the curfew?

Lockdown measures make curfew measures obsolete.

I did not understand telework (working from home). Is it compulsory or just encouraged?

Homework will be extended but “the activity will continue with more intensity” than in March and April, Macron said in his speech on Wednesday.

We can understand that if you can work from home then do it, if you absolutely cannot then you can continue working with a certificate.

I live in Nice but I am currently on vacation in Montpellier. I booked my hotel until Sunday. Can I go home then?

Yes. Travel between regions is now prohibited, but there is an exception for this weekend only for those returning home after the holidays.

Will students be able to attend school full time or should we expect home schooling?

The main difference between this lockdown and the previous one is that schools will remain open.

“Our children must not be permanently deprived of education,” Macron said in his speech.

Nurseries, primary schools and high schools will remain open during this new confinement. Universities will have to give their courses online.

In addition, Mr Castex is expected to announce tonight that children from the age of six will be required to wear masks in schools.

Will school buses still be running?

It is not yet clear. However, all transport will remain open, which should include school buses.

Which stores are not essential?

Restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas, toy stores… there will be a big list.

As for the florists, they have until Sunday and then they have to close. The extension is believed to be in place to allow stores to sell stock rather than let the flowers die.

A little trivia: During the All Saints holidays, chrysanthemums are popular because the holiday is a celebration of the dead and these flowers are traditionally placed on graves.

Bakers, butchers, fishmongers, green grocers, supermarkets, car garages, news agents, computer and phone repair shops, dry cleaners, hotels, outdoor markets, etc. will remain open.

If you have any further questions, please send them to [email protected] and we will do our best to answer them.

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