France issues local lockdown threat as Emmanuel Macron prepares to approach the country


France, as in some UK cities like Manchester, has seen growing local resistance to tighter restrictions, with Marseille in particular protesting the closure of cafes and bars and announcing its decision to create its own local science committee to counter the national based committee. in Paris and which makes recommendations for further repressive measures.On Saturday, the national health agency reported a record of nearly 27,000 new cases of the virus daily on Saturday, and more than 16,000 on Sunday, with an overall death toll of 32,730.

Mr Castex also announced that France would ‘relaunch’ its Covid application after the first turned out to be a flop. Only 2.6 million downloads have been made since June, well below the UK and German versions, which have 16 million and 18 million downloads respectively.

A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister had a red head for admitting that he had failed to download it himself, citing his high security phone as the main reason.

But the government is working on a new version that will be released on October 22, “and this one I’ll download,” he promised.

His interview came hours before President Macron spoke to the nation on national television.

Mr Macron was due to mention the Covid crisis as well as a spectacular attack on a police station near Paris on Saturday in which 40 assailants fired mortar and homemade fireworks at the building, which suffered damage. damage with several vehicles.

There were no injuries but the opposition accused the government of failing to control the growing number of “anti-cop” crimes and law and order in general. The prime minister on Monday vowed to be “flawless” in the face of such attacks.


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