France considers SUV tax –


France is considering a special tax for particularly heavy cars such as SUVs, which would particularly affect German manufacturers. The plan is to tax every kilogram above a vehicle weight of 1.8 tonnes with an additional ten euros. Electric and hybrid vehicles will be exempt from the tax as they can be very heavy due to their drive systems. The SUV tax would affect Mercedes, Porsche and Audi the most. French manufacturers would be less affected, and that seems a bit too conveniently exempt. Renault and Peugeot have the best-selling SUV models that weigh less than 1,800 kilos but which are still heavier than the 1,400 kg suggested by the citizens’ convention that initiated the proposal. The Range Rover will incur the most penalties, an additional payment of 8,730 euros for a total weight of up to 2,673 kilograms.

While combustion engines are logically targeted here, the question is how long private fully electric and hybrid SUVs will be spared from the same scrutiny due to their excessive use of space, energy, and resources. limited, and in the case of plug-in hybrids not delivering the promised CO2 savings.

“The increase in the weight of the vehicle fleet means more material and energy consumption, more environmental pollution and less available public space,” tweeted the French Minister for Ecological Transformation, Barbara Pompili. “The weight penalty that we are introducing is a strong and necessary signal to better take into account the ecological footprint of the heaviest vehicles.”


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