France calls for EU action, possibly sanctions, against Turkey – Armenia public radio


France wants its European partners to act, including possible sanctions, against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a series of “provocations”, the country’s European minister said on Wednesday, AFP reported.

“We must go further… We will push for strong European responses, which could include sanctions,” Clément Beaune told Parliament.

Erdogan has criticized French President Emmanuel Macron in recent days following Macron’s response to the beheading of a teacher in France by an extremist for using cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a class on free speech.

Macron said last week that France will not give up the cartoons and that the teacher was killed “because the Islamists want our future”, swearing “that they will never have it”.

On Monday, Erdogan responded in a provocative speech accusing Macron of having both an “anti-Islam agenda” and mental problems. France recalled its Ambassador from Ankara on the comments.

The Turkish president also urged Turks “never” to buy French brands and said Muslims in Europe were treated like Jews before World War II.


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