France again urged to decolonize New Caledonia


The Caledonian Independence Union tasked France with becoming a key player in the decolonization of the territory.

Daniel Goa (left)
Photo: AFP

Earlier this month, just over 53 voted for the status quo in the second of three possible referendums on independence from France.

At a party meeting, Union Calédonienne President Daniel Goa said that the 1998 Noumea Accord remained a decolonization project.

He said the Accord was still a commitment of the French state to the Kanak people and the international community, with France being linked to its engagement with the UN decolonization committee.

New Caledonia has been on the UN decolonization list since 1986, and Goa said France must get involved in a final settlement of the colonial conflict.

The party said France should stop trying to trick people into believing it was an arbiter in a dispute between local communities.

The pro-independence party said it would call a third and final referendum in 2022, which anti-independence parties strongly opposed.

However, the Caledonian Union insisted that the provisions of the Noumea Accord should be respected and the role used for the referendum should remain reserved for Kanaks and long-time residents.

French Overseas Minister Sébastien Lecornu, who is in quarantine in Noumea under the Covid-19 protocol, will discuss France’s next steps later this month.

Caledonian Union

Caledonian Union
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