Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked for claiming to lose “damning” evidence of Hunter Biden in the mail


Fox News host Tucker Carlson claims he acquired incriminating documents about Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe – and then lost them in the post.

In a bizarre segment of the Wednesday night show, Carlson alleged that his team sent the documents from New York to Los Angeles after receiving them from a “source” on Monday, but the package never arrived.

Without providing further details or evidence, Carlson said the “damning” documents had “disappeared” on the road, strongly implying foul play.

Carlson said a producer shipped the materials to him from New York to Los Angeles through a “brand company.” When they did not arrive, the shipping company told Fox their package had been opened and the documents were “missing.”

“To his credit, the (shipping) company took this very seriously and immediately began a search,” Carlson said, adding that they tracked him from the time he was dropped off by the producer in Manhattan to. ‘at 3:44 a.m. Tuesday morning. “That’s when an employee at the sorting facility in another state noticed our package was open and empty,” he said.

“These documents are missing. As of tonight, the company has no idea or working theory about what happened to this material treasure.

Viewers wondered why Fox shipped the only copy of such “damning” material without making any sort of backup, and the segment has since been a subject of ridicule on social media.

Political scientist David Rothkopf has criticized Carlson’s claim as “the dog ate my October surprise”.

“Why didn’t you just email them,” comedian Sarah Cooper wrote, adding in another tweet, “It was me. I stole the documents.

“If I understand the implications of his argument, I believe Tucker is arguing that the Deep State has eaten its homework. Or something like that, ”tweeted American writer Peter Wehner.

“Good job getting the very important documents, team. Now no one will stand in the way of our plan to install Biden and implement full communism. HAIL HYDRA! Wrote journalist Oliver Willis.

Tom Nichols, Senior Advisor, Lincoln Project, commented, “If you think about it, it’s a brilliant strategy. Now viewers of Carlson’s 60 Minutes of Nighttime Hate can just imagine what these documents are and how bad they are, instead of Tucker risking being sued or caught with fakes.

Molly Jong-Fast, editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast also delved into Carlson’s theory, saying, “Who could have seen this coming? Maybe @SachaBaronCohen? “


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