Founder of hate group Proud Boys shows up at hospital to support Trump


The founder of the Proud Boys joined Donald Trump’s vigil outside Walter Reed Medical Center this weekend after the president yelled at the far-right group during the first presidential debate.

He was spotted in the crowd, draped in what appeared to be a Trump / Pence campaign flag, outside the Maryland hospital by a CNN video producer. Mr. McInnes also appeared to be holding a Budweiser beer and not wearing a mask.

Some “chanted” Gavin! Gavin! upon arrival, ”Donald Judd tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes created the Proud Boys in 2016 before leaving the group in 2018.

The Proud Boys adopted “Stand Back and Stand By” as a new motto in reference to Mr. Trump’s response to Joe Biden’s demands to denounce the group and white supremacy.

The Proud Boys were brought up for debate after Mr. Wallace asked if Mr. Trump would speak out against white supremacists.

“Of course I’m ready to do it,” Trump said, before adding. “You want to call them, what do you want to call them? Give me a name, give me … “

As Mr. Wallace began to say “white supremacists and the right …” Mr. Biden interrupted the moderator to say Proud Boys, prompting the president to respond, “Proud Boys, step back and stay away, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, someone has to do something against the antifa and the left because it’s not a right issue, it’s a left issue. ”

Describing himself as a “western chauvinist” male fraternity, he describes his goal as “anti-political correct”. The Proud Boys rose to prominence following the violent 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, in which a woman was killed in a car attack.

Mr McInness left the Proud Boys in 2018 after two members were charged with assault. The group has been increasingly criticized for the anti-Muslim and white nationalist rhetoric of its members.

Proud Boys is currently headed by President Enrique Tarrio, of Cuban origin. Following last week’s debate, Mr Tarrio said he did not take Mr Trump’s comments as direct endorsement because the question referred to white supremacy and he said “he is not white and is not fascist ”.

His account has since been suspended by Twitter.

As crowds continued to grow outside the hospital, impromptu rallies and vigils were held across the country as the president thanked his supporters.

“The point is, they really love our country and see how we’re making it bigger than ever! “

The president made a surprise appearance outside the hospital on Sunday night for his supporters before heading inside.


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