Former ‘RHOC’ Cast Member Says Women ‘Hate Each Other Even More’ Behind Camera


Lydia McLaughlin de The Real Housewives of Orange County said the cast actually have a worse off-camera relationship than what happens on the show.

Kelly Dodd, Vicki Gunvalson, juge Tamra, Lydia McLaughlin | Nicole Weingart / Bravo

She recently revealed that the producers squeeze the cast with alcohol and throw them into the depths. “If you don’t work, you’ll end up being a friend or a cutie,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef Podcast.

McLaughlin said she immediately wondered what she had gotten into when she joined RHOC. “Right away,” she said. “Honestly, with all the experience, I think I assumed that was wrong or that the girls are dramatic. And then, once the camera is off, everyone has a glass of wine together and are actually friends. ”

“But it’s exactly the opposite,” she said. “It’s much worse. It’s worse behind the scenes than it is. Yeah, they like to hate each other even more, almost behind the cameras.

Lydia McLaughlin likened the show to a game of chess

Kyle Richards de The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills once compared Lisa Vanderpump to chess champion Bobby Fischer. She felt that Vanderpump had cunning skills in handling and playing games.

McLaughlin also viewed the experience as a game of chess. ” [They’ll] sometimes pretend to be friends in front of the camera, ”she says. “Not pretending, but like they were using each other and it really was a game of chess. And it was difficult for me.

Meghan King Edmonds, Lydia McLaughlin
Meghan King Edmonds, Lydia McLaughlin | Nicole Weingart / Bravo

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She added that everyone wanted to be liked on the show as well. “And so everyone wants to have their story, their point of view,” she added. “Because in life like no one is the bad guy in their own world. You play in your own movie where you are the right guy. ”

“So it’s interesting when you get put in it, you don’t tell the story, and the way you saw it was very different, but it’s weird,” she says. “Because you almost see something from another point of view and you’re like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know everything that was going on’ because it’s very real. “

McLaughlin Wishes Tamra Judge Good Luck After Judge Calls Her A ‘Hypocrite’

McLaughlin has previously said she doesn’t think Tamra Judge has moved on since leaving RHOC. “I know Tamra… she’s not giving up,” she told Bravo. The dish of the day. “She always talks about it. I just feel bad for her, it’s kind of like, OK, you have to move on and do something else. She’s talking about the next season, and I think it’s a little… it sounds pathetic.

The judge fired back, calling McLaughlin a hypocrite in a now deleted comment on a fan site. McLaughlin took the deletion as a good sign. I had commented on Tamra who then liked this long post about me which I think she deleted, ”McLaughlin said. “So that makes me feel good.”

Lydia McLaughlin, Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson
Lydia McLaughlin, Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson | Vivian Zink / Bravo / Banque de photos NBCU

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“I had as left Housewives so that I don’t get involved in any of the toxic dramas, split screen messages and all that sort of thing, ”she continued.

“And I just know everything I’m saying, especially with, well, especially with some of the Housewives, will take it and just like attack you for it, ”she added. “Tamra, you know, has really attacked my husband in the media before and I haven’t said anything about it. I just feel like the cream is going up to the top and you don’t have to, you know, get in the mud with each other. She also wished Judge the best.


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