Former Colombian President Uribe released from house arrest


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Bogotá (AFP)

A Colombian judge on Saturday ordered the end of the house arrest of former President Alvaro Uribe, who is under investigation for fraud and alleged tampering of witnesses.

Conservative Uribe, 68, is considered Colombia’s most influential politician of this century, and is currently the most popular and political mentor of current president Ivan Duque.

Uribe served from 2002 to 2010 and was known for his harsh approach to fighting leftist FARC guerrillas and later for opposing a landmark 2016 peace deal with them that ended a half- century of war.

The Supreme Court placed him under house arrest in August in a case involving a left-wing senator, Ivan Cepeda, who Uribe said had planned a plot to falsely link him to right-wing paramilitary groups – one of the actors who fought in the long and complex Colombian complex. war. Uribe was accused of manipulating a witness against Cepeda.

On Saturday, a lower court judge accepted a defense petition asking Uribe to be released from house arrest while the investigation continues.

The former president, who was a senator until his resignation in August, responded with a terse tweet: “Thank goodness.”

Uribe was the first former Colombian president to be arrested. A day before being taken into custody, he tested positive for coronavirus.


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