Flight attendant shares tearful message about last flight before being put on leave


The human cost of the coronavirus pandemic can be measured in several ways. Illness and death top the list, of course, but the mental, emotional and economic toll must also be acknowledged. While the woefully inconsistent and inadequate US response led to far more suffering than needed, and even though better control of the pandemic would have saved us from much of it, some struggles were inevitable.One industry that was going to be hit hard in one way or another was the airline industry. With people urged to stay at home and avoid proximity to others, especially in confined spaces, air travel has been cut off. And seven months later, the continued success has become unbearable. As of October 1, 40,000 airline employees have been put on leave.

A flight attendant’s heartfelt farewell while she was crewed on her last flight was shared by ABC’s Sam Sweeney, and phew, it’s a doozy. She holds back tears as she explains how American Airlines was forced to cut flights, which resulted in job cuts and how much she enjoyed working as a flight attendant.

After thanking the passengers and the airline for the opportunity to “see this big world” and make lifelong friendships – having to take a few breaks to regroup while she spoke – she called on everyone to practice kindness and compassion towards one another. It’s a heartbreaking clip that puts a human face on the economic toll of the pandemic.

Efforts have been made to avoid such job losses. Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio tried to pass a bill through the House to save these jobs – an extension of the CARES Act payroll relief program – but it was blocked by the GOP. DeFazio gave an impassioned speech decrying the blockage.

“Flight attendants, they don’t get paid a lot of money,” he said. “Pilots – yes, they are doing well. Mechanics, access officers, tens of thousands of these people have been fired since yesterday. They lost their jobs, they lost their health care, some of them are going to lose their homes. . They don’t know how they’re going to make ends meet, feed their kids or do anything else, all because Republicans in the House of Representatives wouldn’t agree, and Republicans in the Senate wouldn’t. will not accept a larger This package contains these provisions. These are vital provisions, they are urgent, but the larger package would provide relief to tens of millions of Americans – the HEROES package would extend health care to those who have lost it, the HEROES package would extend unemployment to those who have lost it. ‘lost, the HEROES package would send individual checks, the HEROES package would send money to run small businesses … ”

DeFazio’s time has elapsed and his request for an extra minute was denied.

“Well, I’m sorry, I’m not going to stop talking. I’m tired of the bureaucracy here – it’s time to do real things for the American people! ” He shouted. “And it’s real. The lives of these people are at stake. ”

The pandemic has been tough on us all, but when jobs and businesses are hit by forces beyond their control and Americans lose their livelihoods by the millions, it’s time for the government to stop the hemorrhaging of all possible ways. And when partisan bickering prevents helping the American people, it’s time to make our voices heard at the polls.

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