First call: any chances of signing Le’Veon Bell? Only one team ahead of the Steelers. Painful birthday of pirates.


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Thursday’s “first call” gives us the odds that the Steelers sign Le’Veon Bell. A former Steeler gives some advice to Bell. A Cleveland Browns player comes out on behalf of Myles Garrett. We mourn a painful Pirates birthday. And “Pittsburgh South” is not moving yet.

Been there, done that

If there’s anyone Le’Veon Bell can relate to when it comes to regretting the way his on-court career has been after leaving Pittsburgh, it’s …

… Well, it’s Antonio Brown. So let’s not go down that road.

But former Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace can also relate.

Wallace ended up making $ 56 million after leaving Pittsburgh in 2013. But he only caught one ball in a playoff game after saves in Miami, Minnesota, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

So he knows what the money-versus-success landscape might look like from Bell’s perspective.

The former Steelers running back has just been released in New York after a deteriorated relationship with Jets coach Adam Gase was deemed too unsuccessful to continue.

Wallace now gives Bell some advice as to where he should sign next.

Reading this, I immediately assumed that if Bell ever came back to Pittsburgh, it would be a disaster. If he speaks to bears or rams, it will be of no consequence.

And if he goes to the New England Patriots, he’ll rush for 1,000 yards in 12 weeks and they’ll return to the Super Bowl.

Go forward. Convince yourself that I am wrong. Do your best.


Coaches are publicly stating their preference as to whether or not Bell is in their plans.

Wallace’s speculation on Chicago may have some merit. Bears coach Matt Nagy hasn’t ruled out considering Bell.

But he didn’t really look desperate either.

In Philadelphia, Eagles coach Doug Pederson said he was “extremely comfortable” with the back he has. Pederson added: “I think we found our guy at three downs in Miles (Sanders)”

Based on that effort at Heinz Field? Yeah. May be.

Kyle Shanahan of San Francisco offered a similar response.

“I’m good with all of our guys,” Shanahan said Wednesday. “Even though Raheem [Mostert] was not back [from a recent knee injury], I don’t think it would change much.

According to, bears are the favorites to sign Bell. Guess who’s second.

Oh please!

Mike Tomlin is doing everything he can to reduce the storyline about the Steelers playing Myles Garrett for the first time since Mason Rudolph’s helmet swinging incident.

Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefanski is too.

But not Browns running back Kareem Hunt.

Sure. Because Garrett needs people to “get his back” because he was clearly the victim in all of this.


Oh, gag me with… a football helmet! “Win one for Myles”! Seriously, Kareem ?!

Who am I supposed to have sympathy for next? You?

Better luck next time

The Tampa Bay Rays – also known as the Buccos South – failed in their first chance to qualify for the World Series.

The Rays opened Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Astros with a 3-0 lead in the American League Championship Series. But the Astros won Game 4 by a final score of 4-3 to avoid elimination.

Former Pirates pitcher Tyler Glasnow couldn’t close the series for Tampa. He took the loss by allowing four earned runs in six innings.

Another ex-Bucco, Austin Meadows, had two hits in the loss. The fifth game will take place on Thursday.

Does it have to work that way?

Every year October 13 is a happy day in Pittsburgh.

We’re celebrating the anniversary of Bill Mazeroski’s 1960 World Series home run in Game 7 for the Pirates against the New York Yankees.

Pittsburgh hosted the 60th anniversary on Tuesday. Well, as much as a pandemic will allow.

Unfortunately, because of those pesky things called “calendars,” the next day in every year follows Pittsburgh’s darkest baseball time. It’s the anniversary of Francisco Cabrera’s NLCS Game 7 winning base move for the Atlanta Braves.

Not only did this take out the Pirates in 1992, it also sent the Braves to the World Series. He also catapulted the Pirates into 20 straight baseball loss years.

Somewhere, someone needs to find Stan Belinda and give him a hug.

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