Finally a ring road – 66 years later


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On March 15, 1956 (page below), city officials said they agreed to a provincial road plan to study the benefits of combining ring roads and bypasses for the city. However, the City felt that a ring road surrounding the city limits was not immediately necessary. “We believe that the outer ring roads will be beneficial, but that they will not be fully useful for a few years,” said City Commissioner J. Ivor Strong. The outer ring roads could take developers too far from city limits to keep the plans compact, they noted.

On June 26, 1957, the Herald published the story on the front page below and the “high-tech” map of the ring road plan. The plan was to allow development for 23 years, until 1980.


Fast-forward to July 25, 1963 and the photo below appeared in the Herald with the caption: “Shortcut to Banff: This four-lane highway, currently under construction by the Provincial Highways Department, will link south Calgary to the Trans-Canada Highway through a new interchange near Bowness…. The highway is part of the Perimeter Road Network and will eventually link Glenmore Causeway to… Macleod Trail.


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