Federal judge blocks new DOJ efforts to ban downloads of WeChat from US app stores, citing users’ First Amendment rights – RT USA News


    Un juge fédéral américain a rejeté une demande du gouvernement visant à mettre sur liste noire le programme WeChat appartenant à des Chinois dans les magasins d'applications, arguant que l'interdiction générale est beaucoup trop large et violerait les droits d'expression des utilisateurs.

</p><div><p>La juge d'instance Laurel Beeler a rejeté la nouvelle tentative du ministère de la Justice d'interdire l'application dans une décision rendue vendredi, confirmant une décision antérieure au motif que l'interdiction était <em>«Pas étroitement conçu pour répondre à l'intérêt significatif du gouvernement pour la sécurité nationale»</em> et ne survit pas <em>"Examen au titre du premier amendement."</em>

Although the DOJ argued that this decision would be “Neutral content” and respect the speaking rights of WeChat users, Beeler concluded that the restrictions “Loads far more speech than is necessary to promote the legitimate interests of the government” and would leave “No viable alternative platform or application for the Chinese and Sino-American community. “

A pair of executive orders signed by President Donald Trump in August identified Chinese apps WeChat and TikTok as threats to U.S. national security, accusing Beijing of using the programs for surveillance and data theft. The president ordered the Commerce Department to ban all US transactions with the Chinese owners of the apps – Tencent and ByteDance – including their removal from US-based app stores.

Beeler’s first ruling on the attempted ban came last month following a legal challenge by the WeChat Users Alliance, a U.S. nonprofit, which argued that the ban on application would be a “Serious violation of the constitutional rights of WeChat users in the United States.” The judge agreed to temporarily suspend the ban, saying the lawsuit raised serious concerns about the First Amendment, prompting the DOJ to bring forward new arguments, which were heard and dismissed on Friday.

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The Trump administration’s attempt to ban TikTok has encountered similar hurdles, with a judge granting an injunction against the ruling last month, allowing the app to remain offered in app stores for now. . Although the court sided with TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, the ruling failed to categorically block the restrictions, which are still expected to go into effect on November 12. to transfer the stakes to US companies Walmart and Oracle in the hope of circumventing the restrictions if its lawsuit fails.

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Federal judge blocks Trump’s efforts to ban TikTok from U.S. app stores

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