Feast your eyes on this Tour de France gallery from Commencal


You may remember a few weeks ago, Commencal revealed their ‘Our Tour de France’ video, with Kilian Bron cycling all over France in some of the most spectacular drone footage we’ve seen. Turns out it wasn’t just drones at work while the video was being filmed, and photographer JB Liautard was busy taking hundreds of shots in front of the camera.

Commencal has published this gallery of favorite pictures by JB Liautard, as well as drawings by Lucie Souchière. Take a break from the doom scrolling and walk through this visual feast.

Commencal Tour de France
Sorry, I forgot to dry my shoes.
Commencal Tour de France
Some Brits just pack tea bags.
Commencal Tour de France
Bob’s new bike light was really good.
Commencal Tour de France
Is this a cover of Singletrack?
Commencal Tour de France

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