Fast & Furious can’t resist this joke about going 11, so you get one final movie


the Fast Furious the saga will finally end after its 11th installment, Deadline and Variety report – which, if you count, is one more movie than we’d expect so far. Justin Lin, who has completed five of the last eight F&F films (counting the next F9), should also lead the last two.

Of course, they were going to do another movie. Unlike Chaim and Julia, I know almost nothing about Fast’s plot or characters, but I know the show – and there was no way in hell a hit $ 5 billion box office franchise, a series where every episode tries to jump the shark in the most spectacular possible, and a series that literally concerns the cars tuning to the maximum, was not going to turn it up to 11.

Also, this money. Money is a big reason.

Whether or not the series ends at 11 will likely depend on how many theaters continue to exist. Regal and Cineworld have closed and AMC is running out of cash. F9 had already been delayed until April 2021 due to the pandemic, and it’s not yet known when an F10 or F11 would debut. But it helps that Fast Furious is a global cultural phenomenon, not just centered on the United States, with Variety stressing that less than a quarter of Hobbs and ShawBox office totals are from the United States.

And F9 done right, they’ll no doubt think of an F12 – or at least some extra spinoff. (There are already two in development.) I have to agree with box office analyst Jeff Bock:


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